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The Team

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The Client

iCIMS software suite helps recruiters source, engage, interview, hire, and retain candidates.

The Tools





integrating a new technology to an existing platform

The iCIMS suite aims to automate every step of the recruiting process. After acquiring CandidateID, iCIMS approached Lightmatter to help integrate their technology into their products, starting with their Candidate Relationship Manager.

CandidateID’s technology tracks user behavior with cookies when they interact with company websites, job posts or forms. Users are then assigned an engagement score and grouped together into Cold, Warm or Ready to Hire buckets. This allows recruiters to target candidates differently based on their level of interest.



Sourcers lead the initial steps of the recruitment process, including finding and screening candidates. They search LinkedIn and the Candidate Relationship Manager to source eligible candidates. If the candidate is a good fit, they hand them off to the recruiter.


Recruiters are responsible for converting candidates to employees. They review applications, conduct interviews, and extend offers to eligible candidates. They use the Candidate Relationship Manager to keep track of candidates and where they are in the recruiting process.

user research

listening to the users

We conducted user interviews to understand the user perspective and challenge assumptions we formed about how they would use the engagement score. We interviewed 2 recruiters and a sourcer. We asked them to walk us through their daily workflow and voice their pain points.

insight #1

Knowing when the last engagement was is more important than what the engagement was

Recency is a huge indicator of interest from a candidate. The window of time for a recruiter to convert an employee is small, so they need to act quickly once a candidate shows interest.

insight #2

The most important piece of information about a candidate is if they are interviewing

Recruiters from the same company want to avoid reaching out to the same candidate, especially if that candidate is already interviewing.

insight #3

Handing off notes from the sourcer to the recruiter is time consuming

Because of technical restrictions, not all of iCIMS products are synced. This adds an extra step for sourcers because they have to input candidate information into two systems.




Finding the right candidates

Valuable time is wasted engaging with candidates who are not interested


Integrate engagement scores into the Candidate Relationship Manager to identify interested candidates

Need insight into recency

Recruiters need to know when the last engagement with a candidate was


Provide a simple view of when engagements happen

Need insight into interviewing

The most important thing to know about a candidate is if they are interviewing


Provide a simple view showing if a candidate is interviewing




Sourcers and recruiters use pipelines to save lists of eligible candidates. Adding an engagement score column to pipelines shows candidate engagement at a glance.

wireframe iterations




hover state

To add more context to the engagement score, we added a hover state that provides more details. This includes the breakdown of the engagement score and the type of activity the candidate is involved in.

wireframe iterations




The dashboard is a user’s homepage where they can see a summary of everything going on in the Candidate Relationship Manager. We integrated engagement score into the Pipelines module so users can see how engaged candidates are in their pipelines.

wireframe iterations

After a successful integration of engagement scores in the Candidate Relationship Manager, the iCIMS team integrated them into their Marketing Automation product.