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The Team

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The Client

Career Group Companies is a women owned recruiting firm with over 40 years of experience. Career Group has five divisions each with a different specialty: Career Group, Syndicatebleu, Fourth Floor, CGSearch, and Event Team.

The Tools







migrating from wordpress to webflow

Career Group approached Lightmatter to create a website using their new branding package. Their previous website was in Wordpress and they wanted to recreate it in Webflow so it was easier to maintain. We were posed with the challenge of migrating all features to Webflow and improving the user experience.

key features

jobs board

As a recruiting firm, having a jobs board was an essential part of the website. Through a Zapier integration, recruiters can upload jobs by filling out a form. Using custom code, recruiters are notified when an applicant fills out a job application.

content management

Career Group produces blog articles weekly. Using Webflow Collections, we built them a content management system that is customizable and easy to update.


Career Group had an SEO strategy built into their Wordpress site that needed to be replicated in Webflow. This included implementing header tags, canonical URLs, GTM containers, and custom code that generates schema.

low-fidelity wireframes

low fidelity wireframes


career group branding

¹Branding by


high-fidelity wireframes

high fidelity wireframes